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Raider Technologies

Pulse Doppler performance from continuous wave technology!

About Us

What We Do

Raider Technologies develops techniques and hardware for low-cost and size, weight and power (C-SWaP) constrained Radar operations for the DoD, municipality and autonomous platform industries.

Leveraging DoD licensed technology using frequency diversity, Raider Technologies provides sensing capability that is lower cost and lower peak-power than typical pulsed radar due to its uniquely simpler generation of transmit signals than existing radar systems. This provides cost-effective, lower complexity radar systems with accurate range, angle, and Doppler measurements.

Cost Effective

Lower Complexity


Accurate Range, Angle, &

Doppler Measurements


How We Can Help You

Many commercial, civilian and military applications exist for low cost scanning radar systems. Including drone monitoring, tactical collision avoidance, direction finding, large volume scan for detect, and track and many others.

R&D Consulting

Provide subject matter expertise on concept exploration from basic to applied research on algorithms, techniques, and hardware.

Low C-SWaP Radar Products

Disruptive C-SWaP RF sensing capability for scanning radar for aerospace and defense needs. 

Testing  & Evaluation

Low to medium TRL algorithm/hardware testing and evaluation providing quantitative analysis to desicion makers.

Modeling, Simulation

& Analysis

Right level fidelity MS&A permitting fast spiral development, algorithm feedback loop.

Our Services

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Our Story

Our Story

& Founder

Raider Technologies (name motivated by the new B-21 Raider USAF platform and the inspiring Doolittle Raiders) is an AFRL spin-off company. Raider Tech founder participated in AFRL Entrepreneurial Opportunities Program – a technology transfer mechanism for AFRL that pairs an entrepreneur with promising advanced technology from a DoD lab.

Quickly into the EOP Phase 1, it was evident there exists significant need for low cost sensing systems. In fact, it is seen as a strategic move away from more expensive, exquisite RF sensing systems due to the mission needs.

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Aaron Jones is the Founder of Raider Technologies LLC and is an award winning, experienced technologist with over 15+ in R&D, TE&E and project and technology development and management for DoD and industry partners in roles with ever increasing complexity

and responsibility.



526 Garden Rd
Oakwood, OH 45419

(937) 830-7954

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